Sunday, 10 June 2012

SmadAV + Serial Number

SmadAV + Serial Number

Why Use SmadAV 2010?

SmadAV created with the aim to clean and protect your computer from viruses spread locally which many in Indonesia .. If you are surfing the Internet often or often install new programs, you are still strongly recommended to merge with Antivirus SmadAV Import (for example, that free is Avira, AVG, or Avast, and the pay is Kasperksy, Norton, or NOD32). SmadAV can cooperate with almost all antivirus imports so that your computer is completely protected from virus infection, both local and foreign (global). Currently SmadAV 2010 has identified most of the local virus widespread in Indonesia. These are the reasons why using SmadAV:

* SmaRTP Technology, SMART-Protection
* Technology Smad-Behavior
* Smad-Lock Technology
* Scanner smart (Intelligence)
* Cleaner Infected Document
* Cleaning & repair (1500 value) Registry
* Latest update at each revision
* Weapons Manual is very easy to use
* Free
* Portable and OS support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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