Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fix a ( installation Package From not authenticated sources ) error in ubuntu 11 10

The first thing i did after i bought my first laptop was changing it to dual-boot with windows 7 and Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu 11 10. Now within hours i updated my Ubuntu with few software's likes vlc, shotwell,wine. Later on that week i found few updates for my ubuntu. It had updates for chrome, ffmeg, some updates on system utility too.

But when i try to install updates it show up message
"the action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources in ubuntu 11.10"
I searched few Ubuntu forums and blogs, and found this simple solution. Which i share with my readers below.

In Ubuntu panel, click activities > applicationsupdate manager

2) Look for the settings in bottom of update manager, Click.
3)On the Software Sources window, click on the Ubuntu Software tab.

4)Under Downloadable from the Internet, put a check on  Source code.

5)  Close the window and the changes will be applied.

6) On Update Manager, click on Install Updates

After checking 'Source code' (which was not checked in my case) The error did not show up again.

Hope this works for you too. 

Let me know, it worked for you or suggest me any other method.

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