Sunday, 23 December 2012

Accessing Blocked Websites on any Internet Connection {By Proxy Browser}

Today i am sharing a very good android application for one's who are not able to view sites which are blocked on their School or College wifi.
If you're wondering how to browse blocked Websites at school, work, or the library, or anywhere protected by a firewall then you've come to the right App.

  • ✡ With Free proxy unblock sites and surf anonymously.
  • ✡ Unblock parental control 
  • ✡ User Agent support(iphone/blackberry/android/pc/mac/linux etc).
  • ✡ Surf the Internet incognito with a hidden IP address.
  • ✡ Three proxies(Two Ip Address) for better performance.
  • ✡ Modifiable cookies
  • ✡ No browsing history

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any consequence arising out because of use of this application in any way.

>>100% compatible with Facebook mobile and Twitter mobile.
>> Note:Video playback and downloading is not supported right now.
>> If you want to access any Desktop Sites like youtube,change the browser user agent to any PC OS browser by clicking on Edit Browser button.
Adobe Flash Player for android 4.1 Here
Download Apk 
Nemo's Reef v1.2.1 Apk Free Download

Nemo's Reef v1.2.1 Apk Free Download

We Don't prmote missuse this application for any wrong purpose.

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  1. I only prefer & Use Hotspot Shield ( ) VPN to access blocked content online. It is free, fast and reliable than proxy sites.

  2. Yup i agree with you howart but i have another idea i think you will also like this and i have another way to open any blocked site very easily i hope people love to use it because only one click and you will use any blocked site very easily. access any blocked site


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