Monday, 1 October 2012

VidTrim Pro – Video Editor v2.0.15 Apk Free Download

 Trim videos, grab frames, compress your videos and share all on your Phone.
VidTrim Pro is a video editor and organizer for Android. It includes multiple features like trimming, frame grabbing and transcoding. You can also share your videos with your friends directly through the app.
Features :
  • Video trimmer. Trim video clips right on your device
  • Trim original clip (overwrite)
  • Save as a new clip
  • Play video clips
  • Share video clips. (Send e-mail, upload to YouTube etc.)
  • Rename video clips
  • Delete video clips
Features exclusive to VidTrim Pro:
  • No ads
  • Frame grabber. Extract/save frames from your video clips as images.
  •  Transcode (resize and compress) video clips to smaller sizes.

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