Saturday, 19 May 2012

AVerMedia Live Gamer HD Unboxing & Overview


This is an unboxing and overview of the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD. The Live Gamer HD is your best mate for tracking every in-game activity. It can capture your local PC gameplay without draining system resources. Now you don't need to set up another PC just for recording game footages. With the Live Gamer HD, your game machine is also the gameplay library. Capture 1080p gameplay footage from your PC or console (Xbox 360 / PS3).

More details on the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD

- Capture 1080p @ 60fps HD Gameplay
- Super Low CPU Consumption
- Graphics Card Resolution Support
- Dedicated Record Button Included
- Record Commentary with Gameplay
- Stream Your Live Gameplay on TwitchTV

The Live Gamer HD includes -

- Live Gamer HD
- Install CD
- Install Guide
- Hot Button
- HDMI Cable
- HDMI to DVI Cable
- 3.5mm Audio Cable

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